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What are the Costs Associated with a Fast-Casual Restaurant Franchise?
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Aspects of Franchise Cost

Initial Franchise Fee
The franchise fee is a one-time payment made by the potential franchisee typically  due when entering into agreement.
Additional Fees 
The Franchisor will outline the additional franchise fees required including products, services, equipment, etc.
Royalties & Marketing Fees 
Royalty and other franchise fees are most commonly a percentage of revenue paid by the franchisee to the franchisor on a weekly or monthly basis. Royalty percentages range from 4% to 12% or even greater of total revenue. Marketing fees are typically 2% or greater of total revenue.
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Target Revenues 
According to Franchise Business, the average profit margin for restaurants is between 3-5% but can range from 0-15% with fast casual falling on average between 6-9%.

Why Explore Fast Casual Restaurants?

Fast-casual franchises reported a growth of 11.5 percent in its year-over-year revenue, while the rest of the industry progressed at a rate of a mere 4.1 percent, thereby making it one of the best franchises to own.

According to RestaurantBusinessOnline, Pizza is currently the largest sector at 37 percent of fast-casual restaurants, followed by seafood (25 percent) and ‘healthy’ at 21 percent.

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Benefits of Owning A Franchise

Training & Resources:

Franchises offer the knowledge and support of running a
successful business with an established business model created.

Higher Success Rate:

Studies suggest that franchises have a success rate of about 90% as compared to 15% of business that are started independently.

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